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A Draft League Based on MLB Players Beginning with the 1948 Season

=Our Scoreboards Don't Tell the Fans When to Cheer=

Mutuals Capture Blue Pennant!!!

Division Two Champ Decided in 15th Inning of Season Finale!!!

Three D2 Records Set, One Tied!!!

Season III


Division One 
(140 Games)

W L Pct. GB Division Two Final
(102 Games)
W L Pct.


Tri-Town 62 51 .549


x-Mutuals 55 47 .539 -
Blues 59 54 .522 3 Lecheros 54 48 .529 1
Bitters 57 56 .504 5 Sun Kings 48 54 .471 7
Arsenals 55 58 .487 7 Spiders 47 55 .461 8
Red Kegs 54 59 .478 8 Mutuals capture the Blue Pennant, and
B's 52 61 .460 10 are promoted to Div 1 for season IV.

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The Mutuals took two of three in their final series against the Sun Kings, then they had to hope the Spiders would take the series from the Lecheros, and that was exactly how it played out, but the drama of the final series for these two clubs was the stuff of legend. After taking the Sun Kings easily enough, the Mutuals fell by a run in game two. This was huge, since both the Mutuals and the Lecheros were tied going into the final series of the year. The Lecheros took the head to head matchups with the Mutuals 18 to 16, which meant in the event of a tie at the end of the regular season, the Lecheros would take the pennant. Winning one and losing one in the first two games of their final series of the year, the Mutuals had to face hard facts: They needed to win game three, and the Spiders had to take two of three against the Lecheros. Eddie Lopat started game two for the Mutuals and appeared to be a lock for a win, as he was looking for his sixteenth win of the season. But Ralph Branca held them off and despite scoring four in the eighth, the Mutuals lost and had to go to game three behind Bob Lemon who was winless in his last nine starts. Lemon continued his hard luck in this one, leaving after giving up six runs in three innings, but Art Houtteman was pressed into some relief work, and he cam through with four spotless innings, while the Mutuals began driving in runs, taking the ball game 10-8. Now they had to see how the Lecheros-Spiders matchup would go, and unless the Spiders took two, it would be all over. In the Mutuals favor, the Lecheros went with Lou Brissie and Johnny Schmitz in thefirst two games, both having a forgetable year, and sitting on shakey ground. The Spiders ended up crushing the Lecheros 6-1 in the opener, and with Schmitz starting game two, Mutuals fans began to see possibilities. But Schmitz turned in a performance good enough to win, and the Lecheros were sending Early Wynn for the season finale. Wynn needed one more win to set the single season record for wins in Division Two. Facing him was Larry Jansen. For seven innings, Wynn threw no-hit ball. Nothing but zeros on the scoreboard. The only problem was Jansen was also putting up zeros on the scoreboard. Still, it just seemed a matter of time before the Lecheros would give wynn the run he needed to win the ball game and give the Lecheros the pennant. Jansen lasted eight and was replaced by Fred Hutchinson and the game went scoreless into extras. Wynn stuck around, and in the top of the twelfth he got his run on a double by Danny Murtaugh. Wynn trotted out to finish off the Spiders. However the Spiders didn't give up, and after putting a couple of runners on base, Monte Irvin singled home Yogi Berra, and the game was tied 1-1 going to the thirteenth. Wynn was now out, having been removed for a pinch hitter in the top of the thirteenth, and Jesse Flores followed him to the mound and tossed two shutout innings, while Curt Simmons and Ken Raffensberger were pushed into relief duty for the Spiders. No one gave up any runs. The Lecheros sent Luis Aloma to the hill and after getting Paul Lehner on a bouncer back to the mound, he gave up a home run to Monte Irvin, who happened to be in the right place in the right time in nearly every at-bat of this game. The crowd was stunned for a second, then it was mayhem everywhere. the Lecheros were so stunned, they just sat on the field at the spot they were on when the ball sailed over the centerfield fence. An absolutely thrilling finish to a great game and a great pennant race. The Lecheros were so ready to return to Division One, and it slipped out of their hands. They lose the pennant by a game to the Mutuals who will test their muster with the big boys in Division One next season. For the Mutuals, theirs was the lowest winning percentage of a Division Two champion since Mud City took the Blue Pennant in 5YV with the same 55-47 record. But somehow I don't think they care!

Three Division Two records were set this season. Early Wynn now holds the record for most innings pitched with 213.2, breaking the old mark of 206 held by Virgil Trucks and set last season. Johnny Schmitz, also of the Lecheros, has set a mark for most earned runs allowed, so you can be sure he doesn't want to talk about it. At any rate, he gave up 111 earned runs, beating the old record of 109 set by Spiders hurler Curt Simmons in season R5YI. Jack Kramer now holds the record for most appearances once held by Dicer reliever Brian Boehringer in the final year of the old 5Y League. Kramer appeared in 59 games this season for the Sun Kings, so let's hear it for the workhorse! Lastly, Early Wynn tied the record for most wins in a single season. His 18 victories match the record set by Ralph Branca when he was with Tri-Town in season R5YI.

Now we focus on the pennant race in Division One and though we look at who might win the Gold Pennant, we also look at who may be relegated to Division Two for next season. Tri-Town, for all their pitching woes, has opened up a three game lead, but can they maintain it? The Blues have the best pitching in the league, and the Bitters have a lot of fight in them. All the clubs will tackle a bunch of four game series at the onset. I got a fever! And the only prescription is more baseball!!


Game Writeups:

Division One Games
1-12 13-23 24-35 36-39 40-43 44-47 48-51 52-55 56-58
59-61 62-64 65-67 68-70 71-74 75-78 79-82 83-86 87-90
91-93 94-96 97-99 100-102 103-105 106-109 110-113

Division Two Games
1-12 13-25 26-35 36-39 40-42 43-45 46-48 49-51 52-55
56-59 60-63 64-66 67-69 70-72 73-76 77-80 81-84 85-87
88-90 91-93 94-96 97-99 100-102

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