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A Draft League Based on MLB Players Beginning with the 1948 Season

=Our Scoreboards Don't Tell the Fans When to Cheer=

Season II


Division One 
(140 Games)

W L Pct. GB Division Two
(102 Games)
W L Pct.


Arsenals 56 40 .583 - Bitters 56 37 .602 -
Blues 55 41 .573 1 Spiders 55 38 .591 1
Tri-Town 49 47 .510 7 Mutuals 39 54 .419 17
Red Kegs 48 48 .500 8 Sun Kings 36 57 .387 20
Lecheros 41 55 .427 15          
B's 39 57 .406 17          

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Tri-Town ran into some tough luck, winning only one of their last six games, and they now find themselves seven out with nine games to go before the stat break. They'll need a hot streak to stay in the race after that, as the clubs will head into the final 35 game stretch of the season. Tri-Town's latest game, #96, was a barn-burner wall banger on the road against the Blues, in which they scored eleven runs and lost, 15-11. Four hits each by Del Ennis and Willie Jones couldn't fend off four hits each by Luke Appling and Sam Chapman, especially with Chapman driving in six runs on the afternoon with a salami and three hits. Tommy Henrich hit his 25th home run of the season for the Blues in this game, and the big man has now hit a home run in four straight games. Prior to this series, the Blues dropped two of three to the Arsenals. In the second game of that series, Arsenals starter Sheldon Jones picked up his eighth straight win, going eight in a 6-5 win. He had this streak snapped on the road against the Lecheros, as Robin Roberts picked this game to toss a one-hit shutout. Roberts has had a hot streak of his own, going 5-1 over his last six outings. He is now 10-9 on the year. Lecheros slugger Ralph Kiner smacked home run number 32 in the opener of the series with the Arsenals. His tater came off of eventual losing pitcher Howie Fox in the bottom of the eighth, and was the deciding run in a 4-3 Lecheros win. Great race going on, and the next nine games will really set the stage theMan on deck.jpg (81495 bytes) It's come down to the final nine games of the season, and we've got two great stories going...of course, we've got a red-hot race for the division title between the Bitters and the Spiders, and we've got a couple of teams fighting to stay out of the cellar. The two top teams face each other just three more times, as the Spiders will hit the road in a big showdown for games 97-99 in Bittertown. But before that big series happens, the Spiders will be at home for three with the Sun Kings, while the Bitters will be the visitors in a three game set with the Mutuals. The Spiders have had the best run over the last eight games, going 6-2, giving them some momentum heading into the final nine games. On the other side of the door, the Bitters went 3-5 over the same span. One very bright spot for the Bitters has been starter Virgil Trucks, who won two games for them in their last two series to improve his record to 16-5. Bitters outfielder Carl Furillo continues his hot hitting, slugging his 24th homer of the year in game 92 in a game his boys lost to the Mutuals and Cliff Fannin (2-4). Since we're on the Mutuals, starter Bob Lemon cracked his fifth home run of the year in game 93. He sent it into the right field seats in the sixth inning off Vic Raschi. Lemon ended up winning the game, putting him at 13-8 on the year. "Maybe we should put this guy in the outfield," quipped Mutuals skipper Abner Dalrymple. From the what goes up, must come down desk, Sun Kings newcomer Karl Drews made his 5Y debut by tossing a complete game win against the Mutuals, a 13-3 bashing in which Eddie Lopat left after giving up eight earned runs over four innings. Drews gave up three earned runs on ten hits. he struck out two and walked four. His next start was against the Spiders, and he got trounced for nine earned runs in five and a third. He gave up twelve hits, struck out one and walked two. His ERA is now sitting at 7.54...welcome to the bg leagues, son! Best RBI game over the last eight games went to Wally Westlake of the Sun Kings. He drove in six in Drews' win against the Mutuals, swatting two home runs (8 & 9), a double, and an RBI groundout. Danny Litwhiler drove in five for the Sun Kings in the same game, receiving honorable mention.

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Division One Games 97-99 Division Two Games 94-96
Blues    5
B's        3
Sun Kings
Red Kegs
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